mPower Clinical Analytics

Easily retrieve actionable information and derive insights from a variety of data sources with mPower Clinical Analytics. This robust, cloud-based solution will help your team more efficiently and effectively monitor, understand and improve financial and clinical performance.


Access actionable insights to optimize radiology performance

As the healthcare environment evolves, so does the role of imaging. The shift to value-based models means you need to play a more active role within the patient care circle—and keep a more watchful eye on outcomes. With mPower Clinical Analytics for radiology, your team will have access to actionable insights that can help you optimize radiology performance, drive adoption of valuable AI technologies, reduce risk of failed follow-ups, reduce costs, and increase revenues—all while enhancing patient care.

Improve outcomes

Get better visibility into clinical and financial outcomes so you can monitor, understand, and ultimately improve clinical quality, patient safety, and financial performance.

Accelerate AI adoption and validation

Leverage clinical analytics to extract data and build custom data sets in your own environment before and after AI adoption.

Streamline reimbursement

Avoid common reporting errors. Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics identifies laterality, sex, and report consistency errors that can lead to delayed reimbursements.

Improve follow-up consistency and compliance

Profile your radiologists’ compliance and consistency in recommending follow‑up care. It helps ensure patients return for recommended follow ups.


Get a complete picture of your imaging department

Our NLP-driven, cloud-based platform will deliver meaningful analytics that you can use to profile your performance across relevant metrics. This information will help drive initiatives that make a real difference in your clinical and business outcomes.

Quality analytics, no matter how you slice it

Drive high quality clinical care and improve patient safety using Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics. Provide a foundation for data-driven practice management, quality improvement, and clinical performance.

Manage metric reporting efficiently

Whether you want to keep up with Government requirements, recommendations from the American College of Radiology, or your hospital’s policies, mPower Clinical Analytics gives your teams valuable visibility into quality metrics including MIPS measures, critical test result communication compliance, and more.

Analyze the past—and improve the future

Curious to know how often laterality and gender mismatches occur? mPower analyzes your reports to pinpoint where, when and by whom, so you can implement targeted quality improvement initiatives to minimize medico-legal risk, as well as reduce costly rework that leads to burnout.

Track and communicate follow‑up recommendations

Using proprietary natural language processing, mPower Clinical Analytics automatically extracts follow‑up recommendations from reports and identifies overdue examinations. Ensuring appropriate follow-up imaging will improve patient outcomes and reduce your liability risk.

Quantify contributions to value‑based imaging

Your radiology department’s success depends on being able to contribute to improved outcomes. mPower Clinical Analytics manages imaging appropriateness, decision support and image quality. Empower your practice managers to develop an efficient organization that profitably delivers high quality clinical care.

Extract measurement data from narrative reports

mPower’s cloud platform includes expanded AI‑driven tools that enable quantitative analysis to help reduce delays in care, address over‑and under‑imaging, evaluate MIPS measures, and bolster quality improvement efforts.


mPower Clinical Analytics