Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications Inc. is the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations that bring intelligence to everyday work and life. The company delivers solutions that understand, analyze and respond to human language, amplifying human intelligence. Nuance provides intelligent systems that support a more natural and insightful approach to clinical documentation, freeing clinicians to spend more time caring for patients. Nuance healthcare solutions capture, improve and communicate more than 300 million patient stories each year, helping more than 500,000 clinicians in 10,000 global healthcare organizations to drive meaningful clinical and financial outcomes.


Imprivata establishes trust across the people, devices, applications, data, and clinical workflows contributing to the delivery of patient care. When this trust is established, providers have the freedom to leverage the technologies and information they need to streamline clinical workflows and deliver efficient, high-quality care in an increasingly decentralized healthcare environment. By offering comprehensive, purpose-built solutions for positive identity, ubiquitous access, and multifactor authentication, Imprivata is able to establish trust across the healthcare delivery network.

patient education

The Patient Education Institute helps healthcare organizations educate patients through the award-winning X-Plain solutions that engage patients through interactive programs and ask patients questions to ensure they understand vital health messages and finally document the educational session in existing health IT systems. Contents are available for almost all topics, available in both Arabic and English and are delivered in the form of Text, Illustrations and Videos.

Philips Speech Processing Solutions

Philips Speech Processing Solutions is a leading health technology company with deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions and focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. The company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care.


MedCurrent is a physician-founded Clinical Decision Support (CDS) company focused on improving the quality of care and managing health system costs through innovative and scalable solution, OrderWise. This solution enhances the clinical decision-making process with real-time, evidence-based guidelines integrated at the point of care to improve health and healthcare delivery. Deep healthcare experience, superior technology and business agility make MedCurrent a global leader in CDS solutions.


Etisalat is the largest telecommunication corporation in the GCC. Etisalat was established over four decades ago in the UAE as the country’s first telecommunications service provider. An international blue-chip organization, Etisalat provides innovative solutions and services to 148 million customers in 15 countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

TouchPoint Medical

TouchPoint Medical is committed to developing customer-driven solutions that advance healthcare professionals’ delivery of care.
They help securely mobilize medical technology and manage medication dispensing in order to create safer and more efficient healthcare environments.
TouchPoint Medical is a global partner to thousands of healthcare facilities around the world for workstations on wheels, medication delivery carts, medical equipment carts, wall mounting systems, and automated dispensing cabinets.


Tangent is a leading provider of innovative solutions for medical grade computers and tablets for Healthcare workflows. Tangent’s medical computers are UL60601-1 certified; designed with antimicrobial enclosures and water-resistant front panels for use in OR, PACU, NICU, on Anesthesia machines, and patient bedsides. 22” and 24” Medical Computers feature hot-swap batteries to provide uninterrupted operation on carts; ruggedized tablets with TPM, and UL606011, fanless minicomputers are lightweight and cost-effective solutions for cart integration. Tangent’s Cloud Solutions team helps organizations move their applications and infrastructure to the Microsoft Cloud.

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