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In today’s era of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and speech recognition, Emerging Global Technologies develop and deploy fully automated speech-enabled solutions, to meet specific business wants and needs. Emerging Global Technologies is the first in the region to develop Arabic Voice Recognition Solutions (also available in English, Hindi etc.), where people can use their natural voice, language, dialect and accent to speak at anytime from anywhere. Thanks to the systems advanced human-like interaction, and often may not realize that they are conversing with a computer system and not a live agent.

Our state-of-the-art applications end the frustration customers usually experience with the traditional touch-tone menu systems. Emerging Global Technologies has built its reputation through delivering successful Arabic (also available in English and Hindi) voice portals that automate informational and transnational calls and offer enhanced security using state-of-the-art voice bio metric technology. Today, many businesses in the region depend on our voice recognition solutions to give them the competitive edge they desire.

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As the market leader in multi-modal biometric authentication, Nuance can help you identify and verify your customers—simply and securely with their voice.

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The importance of speech technologies for customer service rises every day. There are new ways to use the power of voice to engage organizations—for questions, ordering products, checking delivery dates—all of which boost customer satisfaction.

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