The world’s most advanced biometric solution for authentication and fraud detection

Nuance Gatekeeper is a fully scalable security solution designed for the cloud. As an AI‑based solution, Nuance Gatekeeper makes decisions using an unparalleled set of characteristics and traits about the user. This includes the fastest and most accurate voice biometrics engine in the world—Nuance Lightning Engine—and a combination of other layered security factors, like conversational biometrics.

Nuance Gatekeeper offers the peace of mind you want, whether it’s for sensitive tasks like cash transfers and activating a new cell phone, or any other everyday task that’s important to your business and to your customer’s well‑being.

Authentication & fraud

Biometric authentication and fraud


Nuance has been in the contact center security business for almost two decades and has become a trusted partner of financial institutions, telecommunications companies and many other industries. In fact, last year alone our solutions prevented over $2 billion in fraud, helping organizations achieve substantial operational savings while improving customer satisfaction. Our global insights and resources reinforce our market leadership as we invent and innovate security technology.

Benefits of the cloud

  • Decreased setup and ongoing costs

  • Faster time to market

  • Continuous updates and improvements

  • Access to our latest and ever-evolving algorithms

  • Dynamic scaling

  • Full control: eliminating complexity while offering full transparency

  • Increased flexibility for organizations of all sizes

  • Seamless integration with Nuance Omni-Channel Engagement

Business value

  • Secure and seamless customer authentication

  • Improvement of business results (mitigate financial loss, operational savings)

  • Improvement to customer and agent satisfaction

  • Fraud disruption

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